Our vision is to double the number confident leaders, committed disciples and congregation size in the next three years using the +one approach.

We want to use that size and strength to plant and resource creative and life-changing communities and congregations. 

Growing faith one step at a time.

How has your faith grown this year? What have you done or seen or heard that shows it? We think this is a question everyone in a church should be able to answer with a big solid YES!

+One discipleship is about tackling stuff in life and growing in faith one step at a time. For us it's about small groups and mentoring relationships which hold you accountable and love, cheer and encourage you onto the good stuff God has planned for you. It's about short courses to train parents to parent more confidently, married couples to love more deeply, everyone to understand God's word more deeply and a whole lot more. It's about small groups where we all lead, all contribute all learn by doing. 

Growing leaders one disciple at a time

We want to be a church that sets a beautiful tone wherever our people find themselves.

+One leadership development aims to create leaders for life. It's a stream of support, training and fun evenings together with other leaders sharing food, laughter and ideas for how we can impact our homes, places of rest, work, community and world in positive ways. 

For us to plant new congregations and communities we are going to need leaders. For the world to see the good news of what God is about we need people who take a lead in modelling it, talking about it and doing it in all aspects of our community. We want to transform business, education, entertainment and sports, family and healthcare, the media, local and international politics and for that we need people who can lead.

+One leadership is about helping people identify their talents, gifting and passion. It's about offering high quality training and support to develop the confidence to go and use those things. It's about providing safe opportunities to 'practice' using talent and abilities in a whole range of environments. Most of all it's about celebrating leaders and encouraging them. That's not something that often happens in church!

Three years to do something amazing.

In three years time our hope is that you could look around and see someone you love who you have helped to come to faith.
In three years time our hope is that you could look at your spiritual life and see the steps you’ve taken forward, deeper and closer to God.
In three years time our dream is that we hope to have a culture which helps disciples grow to become confident leaders in and out of church.

Growing a church one person at a time.

Doubling the size of the church sounds a big dream. It sounds the sort of dream that might take a while to do... Yet if the whole church brought just one friend we'd double overnight.

+one evangelism is about looking around at the people you love, care about and have a relationship with and seeing who God is already tapping on the shoulder. It's then about doing life with that person naturally but asking good questions that provoke some deeper thinking and hopefully the beginning of a spiritual journey.

From a church perspective +one church growth is a three year programme of events that begin in year 1 with events that are just simply fun and which will create deeper relationships through shared memories. Year 2 adds some testimonies and story telling at the events from people similar to your mates. Year 3 offers short courses exploring faith.